Oatzarella Original and Italian Herb Review (Vegan, Top 8 Free, Gluten Free)

Oatzarella Dairy Free, Vegan Cheese by The Allergy Chef

We absolutely need to pick a song right NOW… Something that captures how amazing this moment is. THIS is what many of us have been waiting for… honestly, for a very long time. These Oatzarella dairy free and vegan cheeses are gluten free, use purity protocol oats, are top 8 allergy free, are sesame free, AND MADE ON DEDICATED EQUIPMENT. Like, jaacckkkpooottttttt!!! Oh, and it’s organic too. I know… sounds too good to be true.

This is the first commercially available dairy free cheese that ticks all the boxes, and if it couldn’t get any better: THEY MAKE CHEESECAKE TOO. Now, we haven’t tried the cheesecake (yet), and if we’re able to find it, you know there will be a review.

The Video Review Is Thorough

In today’s video review below, we’ll take you through the whole experience. Sight, smell, texture, taste, and two cook tests. We’ll be making mac-n-cheese as well as pizza to see if this cheese really does melt.

Package Photos First

Before we get to the video review below, I want to share pictures of the box. It may be easier to see them here than in the video.

Oatzarella Box Details

Oatzarella Original Dairy Free Cheese Ingredients by The Allergy Chef

Oatzarella Italian & Herb Dairy Free Cheese Ingredients by The Allergy Chef

I Had Such a Great Chat With The Founder & Owner

You guys, he is rad. He and a chef friend made this product because his daughter has several food allergies, and can’t do shared equipment. Honestly, I love supporting free-from companies that are started by free-from families. They have a deep understanding of everything we go through on a daily basis, and I’ve found that they’re incredibly committed to delivering safe foods to our community.

Currently, Oatzarella is available in select stores on the US west coast. Vegan Essentials (online store) carries the cheese and will ship it nationwide here in the US. If you’d like to see Oatzarella at a store in your area, talk with a manager and ask them to bring the product to the shelves. Be sure to make your request at a store that has a decent amount of traction with free-from foods.

Here’s what I mean by that… If you ask a high-end specialty store to bring in the cheese but they have maybe 5 free-from customers, the product won’t sell much. They’ll think it’s a dud and won’t restock. Instead, ask stores where you know the cheese will have a fighting chance at success 🙂 Sprouts, small co-ops, natural stores, and health food stores are all good starting places.

Oatzarella Dairy Free, Vegan Cheese Review (Original & Italian Herb)


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4 thoughts on “Oatzarella Original and Italian Herb Review (Vegan, Top 8 Free, Gluten Free)

  1. Fun video. Your family is so much fun. I decided to try the original Oat Zarella on pizza. After 12 minutes, the cheese was very soft but not bubbly. I decided to put it under the broiler for 2 more minutes. The broiler did it! The cheese was completely melted. The flavor is ok but the consistancy is a little runny rather than the usual gooey with Violife or Myokos. It was worth the experiment. Thanks for your video.

    1. We’re so happy you enjoyed the experiment! Also a great move to use the broiler. We’ll have to try that next time as well. Though, we are thinking about getting a pizza oven in the near future and we’re hoping the very high temperature will take care of any melting issues and produce more authentic results. Enjoy your pizza making adventures 🙂

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