Crofters Jam Review: Peach Spread & Strawberry Banana Spread

Crofters Organic Spreads by The Allergy Chef

Today we’re reviewing two flavours of Crofters products, their Peach Spread and Strawberry Banana Spread. I don’t want to spoil anything but just watch the video. After that, I expect you all to try this and let us know what you think 🙂

Crofters is one of our favourite organic companies that’s also allergy friendly, top 8 allergy free. They even have low/no sugar options for those who need them. Kid Three and Kid Four LOVE their products, and some Costcos sell a larger jar.

Also, the milk we were hysterically laughing about is this Mooala Dairy Free Milk Review.


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Crofters Organic Peach Spread Ingredients

Crofters Peach Spread Ingredients by The Allergy Chef

Crofters Organic Strawberry Banana Spread Ingredients

Crofters Strawberry Banana Spread Ingredients by The Allergy Chef


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