Epic Performance Bar Review

Epic Bar by The Allergy Chef

This Epic bar, in a way, is a great summary of our family’s experience with packaged goods. I comb thru grocery stores looking for what’s new, find something awesome, it meets the needs of a particular person, and I make the purchase. I’m so excited, anyone who can eat it takes a sample, and wouldn’t you know it, the person I made the purchase for doesn’t like the product. Everyone else does, but they don’t need it…

When I found this Epic Bar at a Whole Foods in the city, it really took me by surprise because they make meat bars. It’s important to know that our Low/No Sugar Kid is in love with the bacon bar (he ate 12 in 3 days… I know… I had JUST bought the box…) With that in mind, I was extra happy to make this purchase in hopes that he would love this bar as well. While there are 19 grams of sugar in the bar, none come from added sugars, and there’s 12 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. When the protein and fiber are on the higher side, like in this bar, I’m more forgiving on the sugar count (added or not).

Allergy Status: Contains Eggs and Almonds

The Papa: Ohuu, this is nice. It is more chewy than I expected. This Epic bar has a very nice blend of dates, almonds, and chocolate, with just the right amount of sea salt. I’d be happy to eat this regularly.

Kid Three (Mister Low/No Sugar): Mmmm. It smells quite chocolatey. (he takes a bite) I don’t like it. It has a really bitter middle taste, and it’s very almond buttery. It does have a nice start flavor and ending flavor, but the middle ruins it for me. It also tastes a bit fruity in a weird way because of the dates.

Kid Four: This bar is too chewy for my preference. Also, I agree with Kid Three. There are bitter tones, but it hits me more as the after taste, rather than the middle taste. There are some sweet flavors as well, but I’m not a fan of bitter.


Epic Bar Review by The Allergy Chef


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