Product Review: Spicely Organics Season Blends

Spicely Organic Seasonings by The Allergy Chef

Happy Friday! It’s another review, but today, we’re going to do things a little different. I’ll be reviewing the products from my perspective as the chef, then add in some info from the kids.

First Up: Spicely Organic Barbecue Seasoning

I was so excited when I first purchased this blend. I thought it would work well in several recipes. Honestly, I stopped after the first use… maybe the second. When you open the canister, there’s a bit of aroma, but not nearly as much as I was expecting.

With the first dish I used this on, I ended up using a LOT to get the flavor to show up to the party. The second time around, I supplemented with several other single spices we had on hand, which led me to wonder why I purchased the blend.

Here’s what I really think about this blend: if you are new to cooking or BBQ in general, it’s a great idea. I think these are good for someone who is new to cooking from scratch, or someone who’s looking for a shortcut.

I personally like to cook with a lot of flavor. It’s SO easy to under-season free-from foods. I never want people to get the wrong idea that free-from = bland and boring. With that in mind, I usually have a vision for each recipe I’m working on, and it’s safe for me to say that blends just aren’t my style.

Here’s the funny thing though: I wouldn’t mind making a blend for YOU. I’d love to team up with Spicely and create blends where you use 1/3 of the canister for a particular recipe and you’re done. Funny how that works.

On to Garam Masala

I love the idea of making good Indian food. I was so excited about this blend when I bought it (you see the pattern here, don’t you?) In fact, I opted to go with a suggestion I read about adding this to the onion base of a recipe. I even had the kids help… (I feel pretty bad about that now because they were “making dinner”)

I’ll save you a long read: no one liked it. Now, I can’t tell you if I did something SO off that no one liked it, OR if the kids just aren’t into this style of seasoning. With that in mind, I’ve asked The Papa to take them to a proper Indian restaurant in the near future so they can have a point of reference. I WANT to make allergy friendly Indian recipes, but someone in this house needs to know what they’re sampling for 🙂

My Final Thoughts

Spicely sells several seasoning blends that I’m sure many of you would enjoy. I encourage you all to give it a go at least once, especially if you struggle to find balance when seasoning your dishes (when not following a recipe).

I can personally say I won’t purchase BBQ again. I’m open to purchasing GM after they’ve all had some Indian food so I can have another go at a recipe. I’m also very open to trying other blends from Spicely at least once to see if it’s a good short cut for me.

For now though, I’ll stick to the Spicely Organic single spices (get them in bulk when you can). I LOVE this brand, and nothing’s going to change that. They’re a top 8 allergy free company and have a top 8 free facility. Spicely is also corn free and they don’t use anti-caking agents. Seriously, I will always love this brand.

Spicely Organic Seasonings by The Allergy Chef


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