Olipop Sparkling Tonic Drink Reviews

Olipop Fermented Drinks by The Allergy Chef

Today I’m excited to share a drink review that I accidentally put off. You know how sometimes you buy something for the kids to try, put it away, and forget about it? It was like that.

As some of you know, I enjoy introducing the kids to gut-healthy products, and am always on the lookout for new drinks for them to try. One day I’m hoping they’ll also love fermented foods, but I have to start somewhere.

The Olipop brand has been around for a while, and I saw it a few times before making the purchase. While we are sharing 3 reviews today, there is a 4th flavor I opted not to purchase because it had ginger in it. And with that, it’s off to the reviews, and it turns out we started with the strongest flavor first.

Olipop Strawberry Vanilla Sparkling Tonic Review

Kid Two: It tastes great! Mmmmm, as he takes more sips.

Kid Three: Oh. My. Lord… That’s good. This is Sooooo good. It tastes like strawberry cream soda.

Kid Four: That is really good! I love this drink.

Olipop Classic Root Beer Sparkling Tonic Review

Kid Two: Hmmm, it tastes a little watered down… like someone took A&W Root Beer and added water to it. Overall, they did a good job.

Kid Three: I agree, it tastes like a watered down root beer.

Kid Four: This looks like really good root beer, but I agree with them. It doesn’t taste as good as an A&W type of root beer.

Olipop Vintage Cola Sparkling Tonic Review

Kid Two: At first, it tastes like a cola. Then, the mid to after taste is like ginger. Typically I don’t like drinks with ginger in them. I will say, it’s like a light ginger… a mix between ginger ale and cola. I don’t mind drinking it, but the Strawberry drink is much better.

Kid Three: This does not taste like a cola drink. It tastes like ginger, and not in a good way.

Kid Four: (sips, gross face, I laughed) I don’t like this flavor. It tastes like ginger.


Final Takeaway

Clearly they got the strawberry flavor right. In fact, I’ve been buying them once a week and the kids light up each time they see them in the fridge. Between this strawberry drink and the Obi drinks, we have a nice variety of fermented beverages for the kids to enjoy right now.

For those of you who are root beer and cola fans, I’d say try this maybe once? No matter what though, be sure to get the strawberry.


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