HotSeat Consultation: Toddler, Seeds, Corn-Lite

Hot Seat Consultation with The Allergy Chef

Join us for another exciting HotSeat Consultation! This month we’ll do a case study on what it means to have a toddler with food allergies. The particular toddler in our case will have a seed allergy and also be what we call corn-lite. Be prepared to stay a little longer than normal for this one. Some topics will include:

  • Picky Eating
  • Introducing New Foods Safely
  • What is a Seed Allergy
  • Seeds to Avoid
  • Corn Allergy Basics
  • Corn Lite vs. Severe Corn Allergy
  • Food Journaling
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Work & School
  • Substitutions
  • 3 Day Meal Plan

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Date: Saturday, March 21

Time: 12pm PST

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