Allergy Seminar Replay: GAPs, AIP, SCD Diets

Allergy Friendly Ice Cream by The Allergy Chef

If you’re in the process of reclaiming your health, you may have heard of special diets such as GAPs (Gut And Psychology syndrome), AIP (Autoimmune Protocol), and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). Each one of these diets can help heal you, if you follow them strictly. In this Allergy Seminar, topics will include:

  • What Is The GAPs Diet
  • Who Is The GAPs Diet For
  • GAPs Diet Resources
  • What Is the AIP Diet
  • AIP Resources
  • AIP with Food Allergies
  • What Is The SCD Diet
  • SCD Diet Resources
  • How These Special Diets Overlap

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Date: Sunday, May 26

Time: 2pm PST

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