O’Doughs Gluten Free Sandwich Thins Product Review

When putting together the Gluten Free Guide, we searched high and low for safe gluten free bread to add to the guide. The guide doe not include products made on shared equipment with wheat, and we wanted to have several gluten free bread options for you guys given the different allergy needs.

Enter O’Doughs. We learned about O’Doughs during the Food Allergy Awareness Expedition. After calling and learning how awesome they are, I purchased them at a local store. I was beyond excited to have Kid Two try them, as he’s never had anything like it before.

For this review, Kid Two is the only participant. Sometimes, I like to give food a fighting chance when entering the review arena. The wheat eaters can be a bit brutal sometimes.

Fun story: when I was at the store, there were two options to purchase. One clearly says vegan and the other doesn’t. However, the ingredients are similar. I didn’t have time to figure it all out, so I bought both. It took me WAY longer than I’d like to admit to finally see that one says Multigrain and the other says Original…

O’Doughs Multigrain Sandwich Thins

Kid Two: It’s tolerable. I like it? I’m eating it… It’s dry (it sounded dry too). It has a weird aftertaste.

(samples the Original, then takes another bite of Multigrain) I think this one has its place in the world. There are some sandwiches that may taste better on this bread than the Original. This Multigrain bread would be good for a meat, lettuce, and fabinase (Sir Kensington’s egg free mayo) sandwich. The Original would make a great burger bun.

O’Doughs Original Sandwich Thins

Kid Two: This one is a lot less dry to the touch. (takes a bite) Mmmmm. This one is more cakey. Bread is dry in general, but I think this version has better texture. It’s kind of spongey, but it’s fine. I like this one more than the Multigrain.

A Bit More Reference

I usually purchase the Happy Camper’s Gluten Free bread for him because I like the cleanliness of the ingredients. He said this this bread is quite different from the Happy Campers, and may be better.

He’s also enjoyed the Little Northern Bakehouse bread.


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