Does WowButter Taste Like Peanut Butter? WowButter Review & Comparison

Creamy WowButter and Crunchy WowButter by The Allergy Chef

Today I’m excited to share our WowButter review with you and we’ll be answering the question: Does WowButter taste like peanut butter? You’ll see our tasters start with WowButter, but also let you know how it stacks up against their fave peanut butter.

Kid Four sampled independently after the video was created, and you’ll find her notes below the video. I will say this, around here, I call her the Peanut Butter Queen. She loves peanut butter and is the most articulate about how peanut butter and the alternatives taste. Be sure to read what she has to say after you enjoy the video.

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Kid Four WowButter Review

She started with the creamy WowButter. “YUCK (she also made quite the face). It tastes like moldy styrofoam.” She then declined to sample the crunchy WowButter, even though she loves crunchy peanut butter.

Personally, I think it’s a real shame that she didn’t enjoy this because she had it a few times at trade shows as a kid. When she was younger, this was never the response. There is a very good chance the recipe/ratios have changed since she’s last had it.

Either way, Kid Four is clearly not a fan of WowButter and says it does not taste like peanut butter.

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