Gluten Free, Vegan Cheesy Green Beans Recipe (Top 8 Free)

Gluten Free Easy Vegan Cheesy Green Beans by The Allergy Chef

Need a delicious side dish recipe? Good… keep reading 🙂 These easy green beans with vegan cheese were a huge hit with the kids, and I can’t wait for you to make them too.

If you’re top 8 allergy free, you’re in luck! The new cheese from Oatzarella is coconut and top 8 allergy free. You can read more about it here, and watch our video review. They’re not available at grocery stores nation wide, but Vegan Essentials ships some of their products nationwide in the US.

For those who can’t do oats, I suggest using Follow Your Heart Parmesan shreds. This pairs very well with the flavors of this dish. Vio Life also makes a Parmesan you may enjoy, but one of the steps in their process includes shared equipment with dairy, which is why FYH is our go to.

Allergy Status (Does Not Include Cheese of Choice)

Free From: Wheat/Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Tree Nut (including Coconut), Peanut, Fish, Shellfish, Top 8 Allergens, Sesame, Alliums, Apple, Avocado, Banana, Berries, Buckwheat, Cane/Refined Sugar, Carrot, Celery, Cinnamon, Cruciferous, Garlic, Lupin, Mushroom, Mustard, Nightshade, Oat, Onion, Pea & Pea Protein, Potato (Nightshade Variety), Poultry, Red Meat, Rice, Squash & Gourd, Stone Fruits, Strawberry, Sweet Potato & Yam, Tapioca/Cassava/Yuca/Manioc, Tomato, Yeast

Friendly To: Diabetic, EOE, GAPs, Low Histamine, Vegan

Low Histamine: A fresh cheese of choice works well. If you’re dairy free and low histamine, this won’t be the best recipe for you.

GAPs: Be sure to use a safe and legal cheese. If you’re dairy free and GAPs, this won’t be the best recipe for you.

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Can I Use Frozen Green Beans?

For this recipe, we use fresh green beans. Frozen could work well too. The cook time may be different given their smaller size.

If I Can Have Dairy, Can I Use Real Cheese?

Yes. Funny story though. I use to use the term “real” when referring to traditional ingredients. The kids would then correct me and say that our food IS real. Now, I say dairy cheese instead of real cheese 🙂

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Can I Use Homemade Vegan Cheese?

Absolutely! Many vegan home cooks have taken to making cheese at home. Delicious vegan cheese isn’t too hard to make, especially if you can have ingredients such as cashews, almonds, and nutritional yeast.

This recipe works well with any of your favorite cheese, including flavored cheese such as garlic herb dairy free cheese.

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About Dairy Free Cheese and Melting

For the instructions below to work well, you’ll need a dairy free cheese that melts rather quickly. The Follow Your Heart Parmesan does melt rather quick when cooked in this method.

You KNOW your dairy free cheese. If it takes longer than a few minutes to melt, you’ll need to melt your cheese first, then add the green beans and browned seeds.

One Last Note: Trimming Your Green Beans

You’ll notice that our green beans aren’t trimmed in the photo. This is because Good Eggs delivered these in a corn-based biodegradable bag and the kids weren’t around to help me. When produce is delivered this way, I can’t touch it due to a severe corn allergy (contact and airborne).

Gluten Free Easy Vegan Cheesy Green Beans by The Allergy Chef

Easy Gluten Free, Vegan Cheesy Green Beans

Course: Side Dish
Keyword: Easy, Fall, Holiday, Vegan
Author: Kathlena, The Allergy Chef


  • 450 g Organic Green Beans (16 ounces), trimmed
  • 40 g Sunflower Seeds chopped
  • 40 g Pumpkin Seeds chopped
  • 2 TBSP Oil of Choice for Cooking We used EVOO
  • 1/2 tsp Sea Salt
  • 110 g (Dairy Free) Shredded Cheese of Choice (4 ounces) We used Follow Your Heart Dairy Free Parmesan
  • Squeeze of Lemon to Taste


  • Wash and trim your green beans.
  • Bring a pot of water to a boil (we salted our water)
  • Boil your green beans until they reach the desired doneness. We boiled our for 10 minutes.
  • While your green beans boil, chop your seeds.
  • Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat, then add your oil.
  • Add your seeds and cook them for 2 - 3 minutes to brown lightly.
  • Add your cheese, cooked green beans, salt, and lemon.
  • Mix everything together well. When the cheese has melted, your green beans are ready.
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