Rotella’s Gluten Free Bread Product Review

Rotella's Gluten Free Bread

Gluten free bread is everywhere, and you can find it at most stores. GOOD gluten free, that’s a whole different conversation. Top 8 Free? Good luck 🙂 But seriously, we’ll come back to that topic another day. For now, we’ll chat about this gluten free bread. Full disclosure: it contains eggs. I can’t lie, I’m always a little heart broken when I find bread that’s both gluten and dairy free, only for it to contain eggs, meaning our kid with the most allergies can’t partake. Thankfully he does have bread that he enjoys.

Back to Rotella’s. We were given a loaf to take home and sample, which was awesome. If you can have eggs, I would encourage you to check out their product line. They have burger buns that look AMAZING, and Rotella’s is really big into food service too. There are several chains that serve their buns as the Gluten Free option. I mention it because they package the burger buns individually for food service, adding an extra layer of protection when it comes to cross contamination. That’s a huge win in my book.

Kid Three: It’s very smooth, and I like it. It’s more dry than the wheat bread that we eat (I ping pong between Dave’s Killer Bread and a bulk organic brand I get them at Costco). Even though it’s more dry, it’s way more smooth than our bread. Our bread has seeds (they hate that I insist on buying “healthy” bread), so I like this a lot.

Kid Four: I like how soft it is. It doesn’t have any flavor (such as rosemary, etc.), so I like that too. It tastes like regular bread to me.

They both added that this bread is almost unnaturally smooth, yet, neither wanted to downgrade the bread because of it. They also added that it does have a “classic” gluten free taste in a dry sort of way.

Rotella's Gluten Free Bread


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