Empowered Cookies Product Review (Paleo)

I’m biased in that I love this brand, the owner, and everything about these cookies. There was a trip that we went on a couple of years ago and I ate one of these flavors because at the time, it hurt the  least. It was one of two items I was able to eat the whole time we were gone… While it’s not exciting to eat the same thing on repeat, it’s awesome that these cookies exist.

Now, since I had them a long time ago, I believe some of the ingredients have changed. The packaging has changed as well (the photo has the old black with the new white packaging). I wanted to share these with the kids with the hope that they would love each flavor. Spoiler alert: Don’t listen to them. Just try these for yourself 🙂

Also, somehow the name Barr Necessity is involved. I’m not sure, but when you call, they have a cute voice mail message.

Barr Necessities Ginger Molasses Cookie (The Empowered Cookie)

Me: I’ve never eaten this cookie, and I don’t like the smell.
Kid Two: I love it… well, I think it’s OK (we all had a good laugh). I think it’s good, but I don’t want to eat it on a daily basis. It’s OK.
Kid Three: I kind of like it… I actually really like this cookie. The reason why I like it: It’s puffy and airy and it kind of tastes like nothing with a hint of ginger and a hint of something else that i can’t determine. I would eat this again. When you chew this cookie, the texture has chunks of something in it. If it’s ginger, it’s really mild. (I explained that it was ginger)
Kid Four: I don’t actually like it because it tastes like ginger and nuts, both of which i don’t like. Also, the texture to me is mushed up nuts and i don’t like that texture.

Barr Necessities Lemon Poppy Cookie (The Empowered Cookie)

Me: I took a tiny bite and nope, this is not for me. It was like eating weird plants… like you had just licked a bush.
Kid Two: (he had a nasty look on his face after smelling it) I like it. I wasn’t expecting that much poppy or fragrance of poppy. He wasn’t sure what he was tasting, but thought it was the poppy.
Kid Three: It smells refreshing, but also gross, but refreshing… it doesn’t smells like a farm. (took a bite) Spat out his sample and made weird noises. (I totally laughed) He told us it tastes more like flowers than lemons. Ohu! It kind of tastes like baby wipes (yes, we ALL wanted to know how he knew that).
Kid Four: It smells like baby wipes. (took a bite) Ewww. It tastes like perfume (she spat out her sample too).

Barr Necessities Walnut Raisin Cookie (The Empowered Cookie)

Me: Took a super tiny bite, and no. I’ve learned that I like our cookies better (recipes on RAISE).
Kid Two: This is by FAR my favorite of the three we’ve tried so far. Yeah, it’s pretty good.
Kid Three: It smells like weird cookie dough. (took a bite) It’s not that bad. I had really low expectations, and they exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t eat this regularly… it kind of grosses me out. It could be the oily texture, but the taste is pretty good. But I agree with Kid Two, it’s OK, and it’s better than the ginger cookie.

Barr Necessities Chocolate Cherry Cookie (The Empowered Cookie)

For this particular cookie, we had the new package and the old package. I was curious to see if the kids would notice a difference.

Old Packaging: The boys were the only tasters and said the texture was good, and overall taste was good. The seeds were also massive.

New Packaging: They said it smelled artificial and they didn’t like that. They also said it was more dry than the old version.

Barr Necessities Double Chocolate Cookie (The Empowered Cookie)

Me: It looks weird, like a giant smooshed tootsie roll.
Kid Three: It has huge chocolate chunks. (takes a bite) WOW that’s GOOD. (takes another bite without a huge chunk) It’s still really good! This is my favorite flavor and I would eat this every day and I’d eat a whole box. it’s like a chocolate brownie Z-Bar but less condensed and more airy. (He was also convinced that THIS was the chocolate cookie that would make me like chocolate)
Kid Four: Our cupcakes are better. But, this is good. (she insisted that she get to eat the whole sample cookie since Kid Three had the ginger cookie).

Final Thoughts:

Even though I wasn’t into the smells or tastes, I still LOVE everything about this company and what they’re doing. I was so happy that Kid Three loved the Double Chocolate cookie. Since the sampling, I’ve purchased it for him and he’s happy each time.

I’d encourage you to visit their website, and if you can have these, give them a try at least once.


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