Magic Dragon Organic Cotton Candy Product Review

Magic Dragon Cotton Candy Review by The Allergy Chef

Organic. Cotton. Candy!! You heard me folks. We were recently at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and this was a product I was so excited to learn more about. Maud Borup has created several flavors, however, some flavors contain allergens in the mix in (such as cookies n creme). The Magic Dragon flavor is one of the more basic options available, and one that Kid Two can enjoy. While I fully accept that cotton candy is essentially flavored sugar, I’m so excited to share this because it’s made with better-for-you ingredients. For those of us that choose organic, we don’t necessarily want to choose to give up all things sweets and treats, so having this as an option is simple awesome 🙂

Here’s What Our Taste Testers Had to Say:

Kid Two: I love how it melts in my mouth like traditional/conventional cotton candy. This is something that I can eat and feel normal, just like everyone else. Can we find a carnival to take this to? (he wasn’t joking)

Kid Three: It tastes and feels exactly like cotton candy. It melts in my mouth, just like normal cotton candy. It’s like we’re at a carnival right now. They have recreated cotton candy, perfectly.

Kid Four: This doesn’t taste like traditional cotton candy to me. It tastes more like mangoes. The texture is exactly like conventional cotton candy, and it behaves like normal cotton candy too. I think because it’s a special flavor, that’s why I don’t think it tastes like cotton candy, but I do like it.

As a parent, I really appreciate what they’ve done, and I’m looking forward to having this as a treat for the kids if we ever find that carnival.


Magic Dragon Cotton Candy Review by The Allergy Chef


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