Made Good Foods Product Reviews (GF, Vegan, Top 8)

Made Good Foods Product Review

Some time ago we stumbled across a company called Made Good Foods. My life got a whole lot easier after that. I’m sure there are some of you that would love to put a “crispy rice cereal bar treat” in your kid’s lunch without loads of guilt. Welp, now you can! The original Made Good Foods Product that we fell in love with was their vanilla rice cereal bar. Fun fact: it’s loaded with a veggie blend, and it lower in sugar compared to other similar snacks. And if that’s not enough, the kids LOVE the vanilla bar to bits. AND THEY PRODUCE IN A TOP 8 FREE FACILITY.

Fast forward at least a year, and Made Good Foods has released a lot of other products, which is what today’s review is all about. Before reading, please remember that you’re reading mixed reviews from teenagers. Kid Two cannot have wheat, dairy, egg, beef, red meat, and all bovine derived products. If you are wheat, gluten, and/or dairy free, pay close attention to his reviews, as he has no point of comparison like the others. Kid Three is Mister Low/No Sugar, and Kid Four can eat anything, meaning, her reviews are the most biased.

Made Good Foods Strawberry Granola Minis (not the bar)

Kid Two: It’s OK. It tastes like strawberry flavored granola. I don’t like it as much as Kid Four does.
Kid Three: I don’t like it. It feels rubbery, but tastes like strawberries. It’s a little hard to chew for me. Maybe spongy is a better word?
Kid Four: This tastes like a really good granola bar! It is a little hard like Kid Three said. It reminds me of the Nature’s Path Bars (one of her favorite bars of all time).

Made Good Foods Strawberry Granola Bar

Kid Two: I really like this one, and I think it makes for a great treat.
Kid Three: This one is more sticky than the mini granola bites, and not nearly as rubbery.
Kid Four: This reminds me of a rice crispy bar. It’s sweeter than the mini granola bites, and I like this one much better.

Note: They all agreed they would be happy to eat a case of these.

Made Good Foods Mini Chocolate Banana Cookie

My first impression: WOW! These are tiny…
Kid Two: I love them! I love the banana and chocolate flavor combo. I would totally eat a case of these. The banana does taste a little artificial, but I don’t mind one bit.
Kid Three: I don’t like these. I will say that they melt in your mouth, in a good way. I don’t taste the chocolate as much as I think I should.
Kid Four: They’re OK I guess (literally, that’s all she had to say)

Made Good Foods Mixed Berry Granola Bar

Fun Fact: There’s no strawberry in the Mixed Berry flavor. The rep shared that with us 🙂
Kid Two: I like the Strawberry Granola Bar better. This one is OK. The tart flavor seems off. I can say that the flavor at the end is better than when you first take a bite.
Kid Three: I don’t like it, for the same reasons as Kid Four.
Kid Four: I don’t like this one. Tastes like… I know! It reminds me of the “super hero crackers” and a strange yam cereal.

Note: “Super Hero Crackers” are a product Kid Three and Four tried a while back and really did not enjoy.

Made Good Foods Chocolate Chip Bar

Kid Two: I love it! It tastes really good, but it does leave a synthetic/fake chocolate taste at the end. But! I’d still eat a case.
Kid Three: It’s OK.
Kid Four: I don’t like this one. It’s too dry for me. It’s very crunchy, and personally, I don’t like the taste of the cocoa they used.

Chocolate Note: As you may know, the kids have been learning how to properly taste and talk about chocolate and cacao. Their dislike of the chocolate may stem from their exposure to exotic-ish and very high quality cacao products as of late.

The Final Conclusion

I will always love Made Good Foods and continue to support what they’re doing. They’re creating a product that’s enjoyable to people outside of the food allergy and special diet community. However, the real celebration is how safe and versatile their products are for the people INSIDE the food allergy and special diet community.

I would encourage you all (who can have the products safely) to do your own tasting. You may find a new enjoyable treat, that you’d be happy to eat a case of 🙂

Made Good Foods Product Review


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