Lesser Evil Snacks Paleo Puffs Review (Grain Free, Gluten Free)

Lesser Evil Snacks Paleo Puffs by The Allergy Chef

Today we’re reviewing a grain free puffed snack that hopefully, many of you will be able to try. If you’re unable to consume coconut, check out our review on Spudsy puffed snacks.

I personally tried these a VERY long time ago when they first came out and had different packaging. At the time, I was able to eat them here and there, but it was never a perfect fit for me, and honestly, I’m not all that shocked.

Lesser Evil as a brand has since come out with a LOT of new products, some which have actual corn in them. I would encourage anyone who’s corn free to get in touch with them before trying any of their products.

Grain Free Himalayan Salt Paleo Puffs Review

Kid Two: It really does taste of coconut, and I can also taste the salt. Kid Three is right, it’s like packing peanuts. I don’t love these, but I’d eat them if someone gave them to me. (In the end, these were put in his snack bin and he did eat them.)

Kid Three: It has the texture of packing peanuts. I do like the aftertaste.

Kid Four: This doesn’t taste like salt at all. It’s OK I guess, but it REALLY tastes of coconut.

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