From The Ground Up Purple Carrot Ranch Crackers Review

From The Ground Up Purple Carrot Crackers by The Allergy Chef

Alright, gather round for a review that I was hoping would be better. Here’s what’s so interesting to me: just how different everyone is. When I was at the grocery store, there were SO MANY boxes of From The Ground Up crackers. Yet, the kids were like, hard pass. Somewhere out there, people are buying these and enjoying them. Maybe that will be you too?

RAISE Members, make sure you’re logged in, as there’s an important Allergy Status note about these snacks below along with the ingredients. Their response is also why Kid Two decided to pass on sampling.

Kid Three: (Takes bite, then spat out his sample and made weird noises.) In a weird way, it tastes like bad sea weed.

Kid Four: Ewwwww. I don’t like it. Tastes like a weird gross cauliflower. (For the record, both K3 & K4 enjoy eating roasted cauliflower.)

The Papa: I don’t like these. With the first bite, all I could think of was cardboard.

I asked about possible applications and The Papa says maybe these would be good for teething babies considering how low in sugar they are.

From The Ground Up Purple Carrot Crackers by The Allergy Chef

Allergy Status Note

I called these guys out on Instagram because they are notoriously impossible to reach. Welp, I finally received an answer. Here’s a copy of the DM exchange.

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