Red Plate Foods Banana Muffin Product Review

Red Plate Foods Banana Muffin Review by The Allergy Chef

Have you heard of Red Plate Foods? If not, go check them out. Run, don’t walk. They have a dedicated facility, and make tasty allergy friendly foods. Best part: THEY SHIP!! Red Plate Foods doesn’t ship a few of their products, including their cupcakes (you have to be local to them to snag some), but everything else can all be yours with a few clicks. The kids had the opportunity to review their Banana Muffin after GFAF in San Mateo a few weeks ago, and they have nothing but good things to say about the Red Plate Foods Banana Muffin 🙂

Here’s What Everyone Had to Say

Kid Two: This is THE perfect banana bread muffin. It’s bursting with flavor, and I love it! I’m not sure if the bursting flavor is from the sweetness or the “banana bread” but either way, it’s good.

Kid Three: Oh man. It melts in your mouth! And it tastes SO gooood. It tastes like a legit non-alergy friendly banana bread muffin (this is our low/no sugar kid, so he has had a banana bread made with wheat and egg)

Kid Four: I agree with everything Kid Three said. It’s really sweet to me, and it’s muffin-y, not cakey. Can I have the rest?

As you can see, this muffin was nothing short of a huge hit. Here’s my two cents. While I love that the kids love this muffin, there’s a lot of sugar in it… 33 grams to be precise. A few months ago we were experimenting with banana muffins about the same size, and had them at 12 – 15 grams of maple sugar, and this muffin uses cane sugar. If sugar and carbs aren’t an issue for you, I can’t say this more strongly: buy these muffins!!


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