IG Story Replay: Quick Hot Seat Consultation

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It’s time for another Quick Hot Seat Consultation! A HSC is where everyone learns as a group about a specific case. This is sometimes done in business groups where a business stragedy is reviewed and everyone watching can learn something new. Today’s Hot Seat Consultation is about 1 year old with a tree nut allergy, dairy allergy, sesame allergy, and soy allergy.

I’ll be sharing 10 points to get this parent started on tackling this case. There’s lots of reading in today’s video, so be prepared to press pause. If you enjoy Hot Seat Consultations, we have a collection of them here on RAISE.

Some of the points covered today include:

  • Allergy/Reaction Severity
  • Starting Basic
  • Packaged Foods
  • Non-Food Considerations
  • Social Aspects
  • Our Job As Parents

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