IG Story Replay: Root Cause

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Today will be a surface scratching on finding the root cause of your illness. It’s critical to state this upfront, LOUD AND CLEAR: This information does NOT apply to anyone with a “simple and pure straightforward IgE allergy”. If this is you, even if you have non-traditional symptoms, the information presented today on root cause doesn’t apply to your case Why not? You have the root cause of your symptoms: confirmed food allergies that were not caused by something else. Most likely you were born with them.

For everyone else, getting to the root cause of your illness is the key to unlocking healing. You may be dealing with food intolerance, food allergy caused by leaky gut, hormone imbalance, thyroid issues, autoimmune disease, and a whole list of more options.

Today we’ll be covering some deep topics… be prepared to press pause and read the screen. Topics include:

  • You are not deficient in modern medicine.
  • The story of a broken arm.
  • How far are you willing to go to heal?
  • It all takes time.
  • Air, water, food, early medical choices (read more below)
  • The importance of research.
  • All types of medicine have a place in the world.
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