Corn Free Course: How To Thrive When Corn Free

Today’s Corn Free Course is a very special topic that we feel everyone with a corn allergy needs to hear. While we will talk a little bit about the actual allergy component, we’re going to be focusing our time on how to THRIVE. Many people endure, and everyone survives. However, if we don’t reach a point of thriving, then life can be downright miserable. We’re going to help you tackle this issue head on. Some topics will include:

  • Breaking Free From Grocery Store “Chains” That Bind You
  • Finding Joy Everyday
  • Hobby Building
  • Food Free Social Events
  • Connecting With People Who Understand
  • Accepting The Diagnosis
  • Embracing Safe Food

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Date: Saturday, April 25

Time: 9:30am PST

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