Master Food List of 650 Ingredients

Master Food List by The Allergy Chef

If you’ve been a member for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this pet project of mine: the Master Food List. It’s something I’ve wanted to create to help you all navigate all of the different food options available. In addition to many extensive lists of ingredients, I’ve also included other helpful lists, such as a list of stone fruits. In fact, here’s what you’ll find in this document:

  • Extensive List of Vegetables
  • Extensive List of Fruits
  • List of Legumes
  • List of Dairy Milk & Types of Milk
  • List of Plant Based Milk
  • List of Eggs
  • List of Grains & Pseudograians
  • List of Meat (Red & White)
  • List of Seafood (Fish & Shellfish)
  • List of Herbs & Spices
  • List of Mushrooms
  • List of Sweeteners
  • List of Nuts & Seeds
  • List of Sea Vegetables
  • List of Miscellaneous Ingredients
  • List of Cruciferous Vegetables
  • List of Alliums (Onion Family)
  • List of Starchy Vegetables
  • List of Nightshades
  •  List of Citrus Fruits
  • List of Stone Fruits

Interestingly, even with this document having just about 650 unique ingredients, there are still more out there. Some categories were limited to ingredients most of you would be able to find in stores. Some exotic ingredients, especially those mainly found in rainforests etc. have been excluded.

If you need to see ingredients listed by food family, be sure to check out the Plant Family Lists & Guide resource. You might also enjoy the Pollen and Latex Cross Reactive Foods Lists too.

Honestly, I’m so proud to be able to share this guide with you, and I hope you all find it incredibly helpful on your journey.

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