IG Story Replay: Allergy & Restricted Diets Question Box

Instagram Story Replay with The Allergy Chef

Here are the questions for today, along with some helpful links.

  • Favorite dairy free milk?
  • How can we support you?
  • 4 year old is bored of their safe food. Help. Cute & Fun Food Article
  • Struggling to find a doctor that listens. Any tips?
  • My kids eat the EXPENSIVE snacks so fast. What to do? Helpful Article
  • Difference between milk allergy and lactose intolerant? Dairy Free Article
  • Is it better to buy non-dairy milk in the fridge or non-fridge section? is there a difference?
  • Small kitchen appliances. Can I remove traces with cleaning or replace? Toaster Oven?
  • Does dairy protein transfer into breastmilk? Daughter has dairy allergy
  • Are flax seeds and chia seed under the category/related to tree nuts? Seed Allergy Article

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