IG Story Replay: Allergy & Special Diet Question Box

Instagram Story Replay with The Allergy Chef

There were a lot of great questions today!

  • What’s your favorite dairy free milk?
  • New to corn allergy. Any tips? Best Link
  • Child has 8 food allergies and afraid to try new foods.
  • Why is everything so expensive? Budget Tips Guide
  • How to teach toddler their allergies and how to ask about food ingredients.
  • What’s the difference between a dairy/milk sensitivity and allergy? Should they be treated the same?
  • What’s your advice for when son’s good friend has allergies by my son doesn’t?
  • Mustard allergy. Common or uncommon? Any experiences?
  • Are reactions to foods eaten in larger portions an intolerance or allergy?
  • Do you have a diet plan for balsam of Peru allergy? I’m so overwhelmed.
  • Is it possible to eat out? It’s so difficult with food allergies.
  • Should I trust something that says paleo or vegan? Is it truly dairy free?
  • What to do when 5 year old wants food she knows she’s allergic to? Safe food is provided.
  • OK to feed my child only crackers and snacks until his EOE flare calms down?
  • Child has classic food allergy symptoms. Blood test came back normal. What do I ask next?
  • Is there an easier way to find food that’s free from dairy, soy, eggs, and peanuts? Safe Product Guides
  • How to deal with the anxiety of sending your multi food allergy toddler to school/daycare?
  • Family wedding. There isn’a a safe option for me. How do I avoid “why aren’t you eating?”

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