Green Girl Bakeshop Dairy Free Ice Cream Sandwich Reviews

Green Girl Bakeshop Review by The Allergy Chef


Yes, I am screaming with joy. Years ago I first saw these dairy free ice cream options and saw that it was made on shared equipment with dairy. As always, I was heart broken because their ingredients were SO perfect. Fast forward and I get an email from a company that we were in talks with at one point, and we learn that Green Girl Bakeshop has gotten their own facility. I. Was. Shocked. In the best way possible!

I immediately called them to talk about the new facility, lot codes, and helping spread the word when they’re able to ship. Needless to say, the new lot codes were in the grocery store and we could finally try Green Girl Dairy Free Ice Cream.

To make it extra fun, I even had a very small sample of each ice cream (not the cookies as they’re chocolate based). I can’t tell you enough how excited I am about these. Now, I won’t be eating them regularly, as they aren’t a fit for me, but I am SO happy to be able to purchase them for Kid Two. It’s really important to me that he be able to have safe food from grocery stores, not just what we make at home.

Now, on to the reviews we have waited forever to share.

Green Girl Bakeshop Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

Me: *opens package with a thrill, takes pictures* It’s creamy and smooth, but too coconutty for me. While I’m excited to try this, my throat isn’t.

Kid Two: I think it’s good. I loved the cookie! It was really good. The ice cream has a great texture in my mouth. There’s also a great balance of soft (from the ice cream) and stiff (from the cookie).

Kid Three: The moment I took a bite, I loved it immediately. The cookie is extremely soft which I love. With ice cream sandwiches I’ve had before, the cookies are rock solid and try to break your teeth.

Kid Four: De. Lic. Ious. I haven’t had an ice cream sandwich in forever, so this is coming across as REALLY good.

Green Girl Bakeshop Review by The Allergy Chef

Green Girl Bakeshop Mint Ice Cream Sandwich

Me: Nope. This is so not for me. It registered as kombucha and mint… not for me at all.

Kid Two: With your first bite it’s very minty and in your face. However, it’s not an artificial mint flavor which is is nice. I like how the mint and the chocolate from the cookie come together. Interestingly, my second bite was better than my first. I can say that I like the vanilla better.

Kid Three: I didn’t like the minty taste. It tastes too much like a mint leaf. Vanilla was the better flavor because it tasted like regular vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t taste the coconut at all. (This is really interesting because he is very coconut sensitive).

Kid Four: It tastes too healthy to taste like ice cream. It’s OK overall.

Green Girl Bakeshop Review by The Allergy Chef

Final Thoughts

Clearly Vanilla was the winner here. In addition to these two flavors, Green Girl Bakeshop has several more ice cream sandwich flavors, as well as ice cream pint flavors. As soon as the new lot codes are available for those items, I’m sure we’ll be sampling them too.

More than all of this, I’m beyond excited that Green Girl Bakeshop is planning to ship in the future. They are truly a gem in the food allergy and special diet community as far as I’m concerned. It’s SO hard to find products with such clean ingredients, and I’m so grateful for them.


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