Goodio Chocolate Oat Bars Product Review

Goodio Chocolate Oat Bars by The Allergy Chef

I have to tell you, we met one the coolest ladies ever at the Fancy Food Show. Hanna, from Goodio, it sweet and bubbly, and loves all things chocolate. As many of you know, I detest the taste of chocolate, and after years of thinking I was weird, I learned I’m allergic to it. It explains a funny childhood. However, that doesn’t stop me from being interested in all things chocolate. It looks so tasty sometimes 🙂 The gorgeous packaging pulled me into the Goodio booth, but the moment I heard it was from Finland, I was all ears.

Allergy Status: Bars contain coconut, and some flavors contain cashew.

I am all thing different/exotic/out of the norm when it comes to food, so this was a great find for us. In addition to being from Finland, Goodio chocolate is super food allergy friendly, and vegan too. To top it off, they use oat milk!! That’s what we make for the bakery, and this is the first chocolate bar I’ve come across to use oat milk. Talk about interested… Hanna was happy to share all things Goodio with us, and sent us home with samples for the kids to try (they contain coconut).

Interestingly, the day before sampling these chocolates, the kids spent the afternoon with Jess from Seattle Dessert Geek (who likes Goodio as well), and she taught them the art of properly tasting chocolate (she’s a total pro). It was perfect timing because the kids really knew how to taste and analyze Goodio, so here’s what they had to say.

Goodio Oat Chocolate Bar: Original Plain

Kid Two: It smells amazing. I really like the bitter-sweet after taste, as well as the taste of the cacao. I really like this one.

Kid Three: It tastes like really dark chocolate, which I’m not a fan of. There is a hint of sweetness to it though.

Kid Four: I like it! It’s like eating a dark chocolate, with some milk added, when it comes to the taste. I also like that it’s a healthy chocolate bar, so I feel good about eating it. She ate her sample, and asked if she could have the extra triangle.

Goodio Oat Chocolate Bar: Sweet Licorice

Kid Two: This one tastes almost like honey with chocolate, but with bitter tones. I do like it, but I like the plain bar better.

Kid Three: Nope, this one is not for me. I do not like black licorice, and this is what it reminds me of.

Kid Four: This one isn’t for me, in a strange bland way.

Goodio Oat Chocolate Bar: Wild Blueberry

Kid Two: I like this one! Can I have the extra piece?

Kid Three: This one is really interesting. I don’t like the idea of fruit and chocolate, but it doesn’t taste bad like I thought it would. The concept is still a bit weird to me though. He then went on a tangent about how he doesn’t mind nuts in chocolate because he picks out the nuts, lol.

Kid Four: It tastes like dark chocolate with a hint of berry. She then went on the same tangent with Kid Three about how she doesn’t like chocolate orange, or nuts in chocolate.

Goodio Oat Chocolate Bar: Mint

This was the flavor I was most excited about. Mind you, I smelled each bar as we opened them. I was expecting to smell traditional mint (like a mint chip), but it was a lot more like tea, in a floral way. It totally smells like cooking herbs.

Kid Two: This tastes like my tea when I add chocolate chips! He then asked if we could make tea…

Kid Three: It’s kind of like sucking on a tea bag. (At this point, I thought he didn’t like it) He then asked if he could have the extra triangle.

Kid Four: I agree with Kid Three.

In Conclusion:

Overall, I’m really glad the kids were able to have this experience. The flavors are so well thought out, and the bars and packages are gorgeous. Goodio remind me a lot of our bakery. We’re on a mission to create food that’s safe and delicious, and beautiful too.

I’m thinking we may use these chocolates when the holiday season rolls around again for things like s’mores 🙂

Goodio Chocolate Square by The Allergy Chef

Goodio Chocolate Oat Bars by The Allergy Chef


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