Simple Mills Soft Baked Bars Reviews

Simple Mills Soft Baked Bars by The Allergy Chef

I debated as to weather or not I should post this review. I love Simple Mills. They are all wonderful people, and they make really neat products. Simple Mills also has a clear allergen chart on their website that they keep up to date (it’s found in the FAQ section of the site).

I’m not sure if the kids have ever loved any of the Simple Mills products. They do like the crunchy chocolate chip cookies, as well as one of the soft baked cookie recipes.

When I saw these Simple Mills Soft Baked Bars in the store, I was SO excited. The ingredients are clean, they look delicious, and the flavors sound wonderful. I personally can’t eat them, but really wanted the kids to try them. Somehow, I regret that decision.

I don’t want them thinking and reporting that Simple Mills doesn’t make good food. That’s the thing- they DO. It’s that their products aren’t a great fir for our family, and somehow I have to make peace with that.

So now I’ll leave you with these reviews which I had such high hopes for. Should you try the product? Maybe…

Simple Mills Soft Baked Bars by The Allergy Chef

Simple Mills Soft Baked Almond Flour Bar – Peanut Butter

Kid Three: (looked like he was searching for the answers to the universe) I think the peanut butter taste is perfect. There’s just an extra taste in there that’s a little weird that I wasn’t expecting. It’s a tad bit off. It’s more crunch than I thought it would be since it’s called soft baked. I was expecting more like banana bread but it’s really crunchy because of the chunks.

Kid Four: (had a look on her face when handed the bar) I don’t like it. There may be too much peanut butter for me. I could see a lot of people liking this though. I think it’s just my taste buds being mean to me. Texture was OK.

Simple Mills Soft Baked Almond Flour Bar – Carrot Cake

Kid Three: I have higher hopes for this because I like carrot cake. It smells very spicy in a spiced cake sort of way. Wow. So first of all, there’s way too many… maybe it’s one spice maybe it’s several but there’s way too much spice. Second, there’s a really bad aftertaste and there’s a bit of juiciness and you’re confused and the aftertaste is just weird. It’s like a mix of really bad bananas and something else. The spice on top of it makes it not very pleasing. it doesn’t particularly tickle my fancy.

Kid Four: It smells like cinnamon. I don’t like it. it’s too… too much spice. This has a weird texture where it’s crunchy and it’s almost like you can’t chew it properly because of the chunks. This is not for me.

Simple Mills Soft Baked Almond Flour Bar – Chocolate

Kid Three: This one looks promising. It looks a bit like a fig bar. The smell is chocolate for sure, but more like a bready chocolate. I’m getting a banana chocolate chip bread vibe. The before taste isn’t really chocolatey considering it’s called Dark Chocolate Almond. It’s not as chocolatey as I expected based on that name. It seems more like a normal chocolate. The need to add more chocolate to this one. Other than that, I think it’s pretty good? I guess I’d eat it.

The Carrot Cake was my least favorite, then the Peanut Butter, then Chocolate. This one was the best, but I’m fond of chocolate. Also, some of the chunks make the bars seem crunchy rather than soft baked. Not as crunch as a granola bar, but not as soft as I was expecting.

Kid Four: I like this one the most, but I don’t like it because it seems kind of stale. I like how the chocolate chips melt in your mouth.

Final Thoughts:

I wish the reviews were stellar, but not this time. I’d still encourage you to sample one if the opportunity arrives.


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