Nima Sensor Unboxing & Demonstration

Nima Sensors

Have you heard of Nima Sensors? If not, be sure to check them out. The fine folks at Nima sent us a Gluten Free Sensor as well as their new Peanut Sensor to test out. They also sent us a ten pack of each of the testing capsules. Today we’ll be unboxing all of the goods and showing you how a Nima Sensor works. Also check out this cool interview we did with them 🙂

While Nima sensors aren’t the end all be all solution to living with food allergies, they’re a great layer of protection that you can add to your toolbox. Case and point: there’s a restaurant that we like to go to, and took the Nima Sensors along. It’s a place that’s very allergy aware and has a divided kitchen. We tested what should have been gluten free as well as what should have been peanut free… they both failed. Needless to say, we plan to speak with them about this and see if there are ways to eliminate the cross contamination on site.

It’s moments like those that really make you realize, even restaurants that are aware can make mistakes. If what you are allergic to is used in any way at an establishment, there is a risk you’ll always be taking. Now, let’s get to the video. Also, during this video you’ll notice that we mess up the first time. At first we thought how bad that would look, then, we were happy we made the mistake. We want you to SEE how to ensure you’re using your Nima Sensor properly.

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