Gluten Free Tortillas Product Review

Gluten Free Tortillas by The Allergy Chef

We recently took the time to review gluten free tortillas from La Tortilla Factory, Foods For Life, Rudi’s, Siete, and The Real Coconut. We also compared these to a homemade tortilla (recipe is here). While all of these brands are selling gluten free tortillas, not all of them are certified gluten free.

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You should also know, most of these tortillas are made on shared equipment with wheat. Rudi’s was somewhat shady about giving us answers, mainly because they’ve been bought out by a larger company. The Real Coconut produces their tortillas on GF equipment in a facility that contains wheat.

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It’s important to understand what companies are required to disclose on their labels. We’ve written an article about labels, and also shared how to call companies, and how to read labels. If you’re new to gluten free (or food allergies) depending on your level of sensitivity, you will need to get use to calling before eating. Also, a small correction. During the video I said “cassava oil” and meant to say tiger nut oil.

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