Zevia Tea Product Review

Zevia Tea

Last week we were at the Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo in San Mateo. Expos are always great because you’re able to see what’s new to the market. While most of it wasn’t new to us, these Zevia teas were, and boy were the kids excited. Zevia is a staple around here, given its clean (and sugar free) ingredients.

The kids have tried just about all of their soda flavors, and this was their first time trying the tea line. I think they were a little confused, which you’ll see in their notes. They may have been expecting something besides tea… probably because it’s in a can.

Overall, their reviews were very positive, meaning we’ll be purchasing these in the near future.

First up: Passion Fruit

The agreed upon description was that it tasted like flavored water, or maybe watered down juice (see the confusion?). However, they all agreed that they enjoyed this flavor.

Next: Peach

They all agreed that Passion fruit is better than Peach. While they didn’t love the peach, the rep I spoke with said it’s her favorite flavor.

Finally: Raspberry

This was the winner for the day. Everyone agreed that it had the best flavor, and they all wanted to call dibs on the only can we have…

A Final Note

I was told that with these teas, temperature really does make a difference. Interestingly, Passion fruit was better at room temperature and Raspberry was better when served cold. Obviously, no two people are the same, and you may or may not feel the same as the kids when it comes to these beverages. However, I’d say they’re very much worth trying at least once. It’s not often that something this clean and awesome comes along, unless you make it yourself.

Zevia Tea


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