Sweet Potato Pie Recipe (GF, Vegan, Corn Free, Amazing)

Sweet Potato Pie by The Alergy Chef

OK guys, I’m not going to do too much story time today because this sweet potato pie recipe is just too awesome, delicious, amazing, and epic. It’s like when you’re a kid and there’s money burning a hole in your pocket… I HAVE to get this recipe out to the whole world. I will tell you upfront, it takes some work to get this done, but in the end… just yes. We went a little wild and made 24 mini pies in one day… and the leftover crust… I’ll have to tell you about the churros another day 🙂

Allergy Status:

Wheat/Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, Yeast Free, Corn Free, Cane/Refined Sugar Free, Sesame Free, Legume Free, Nightshade Free, Oat Free, Diabetic Friendly, EOE Friendly, Paleo, AIP, Vegan, Low Histamine Compatible, AIP Compatible

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