HotSeat Consultation Replay: GF, DF, NF, SF, Mushroom

Hot Seat Consultation 01

Our first HotSeat Consultation was on Thursday, November 15th. If you’re not sure what a HotSeat Consultation is, read the description here.

Our first consultation had an awesome brief:

The family is now managing 2 kids with food allergies – Celiac & Tree Nut Allergic (10 years old) and Dairy, Soy, and Mushroom allergic (7 years old).


  • making meal times easier
  • ensuring proper nutrition
  • cross contamination

Additional information:

  • Both kids were diagnosed 2 months ago (lots of medical issues, FA testing was the next on the list of panels to run)
  • 10 year old has had a very difficult transition, lots of resentment
  • They weren’t given much information to go on post diagnosis, and online research for multiple food allergies has been tough.

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