Platinum Perks

Here are links to the Platinum Perks. You can also access these pages via the drop down menu navigation near the top of the website.

Allergy Seminars

Join The Allergy Chef for seminars that include a Q&A portion. You’ll learn about all types of things related to food allergies and special diets. Some topics include: Holiday Baking, Class Parties, Gluten Free Baking, Plant Based Alternatives, and more.

Expert Interviews

We go out and find the experts that have information you’ll find beneficial. This includes doctors, advocates, and industry professionals.


Our team has created the RAISE Podcast, and you’ll be able to listen to each episode as its released. It’s exclusive to the RAISE Members.

Safe Products Lists

Our team currently maintains a Top 8 Free list and a Corn Free List. You’ll be able to see brands and products that may be safe for you and your family.