Peanut Free Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (Gluten Free, Vegan, Top 8 Free)

Peanut Free Peanut Butter Cookies by The Allergy Chef

If you are living a peanut free life but have been missing (or have never had) anything like a peanut butter cookie, this recipe is here to save the day. It’s especially great if you have a peanut allergic child, and would like them to be included in festivities.

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Speaking of festivities, gluten free cookie recipes like these are awesome because you can freeze them for several months. It’s not uncommon for me to make a double our triple batch of cookies and freeze them for the kids to enjoy. In our home, it’s a system that works so well because in a few days time, I can kick out a LOT of freezer food.

I encourage you to take a look through all of the cookie recipes here on RAISE and see which ones would make excellent additions to your freezer 🙂

Allergy Status:

Free From: Wheat/Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Tree Nut (including Coconut), Peanut, Fish, Shellfish, Top 8 Allergens, Sesame, Alliums, Apple, Avocado, Banana, Beans & Lentils, Berries, Buckwheat, Celery, Citrus, Cruciferous, Garlic, Legume, Lupin, Mushroom, Mustard, Nightshade, Oat, Onion, Pea & Pea Protein, Potato (Nightshade Variety), Poultry, Red Meat, Rice, Squash & Gourd, Strawberry, Sweet Potato & Yam, Tomato, Yeast

Friendly To: EOE, FPIES, Low Histamine, Vegan

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