IG Story Replay: Deeply Personal Talk About Discrimination

Instagram Replay Image

While I may not be talking about the state of the world much (for several reasons), know that I have a personal opinion on racism and discrimination. My upbringing was a very unique one, and what’s interesting is I’ve faced the MOST hate and discrimination in my life because of my mask (full face respirator). It’s a device that I have to wear to stay alive, and that’s why people feel it’s OK to make me feel like less than a human.

Today I’ll be sharing my personal experiences with my mask. Yet, I want people to know this: I have never let these experiences stop me. In fact, the hate of others has only fueled my drive to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else who needs a respirator.

Somehow, given the state of the world and the mask wearing mandates that happening now, I get the feeling people like me are going to be met with a lot more Compassion in the future… At least, that’s my hope.

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