IG Story Replay: Opinion ~ Don’t Experiment on Children & Non-Verbal People

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Today I’m going to be sharing a lengthy opinion on why you shouldn’t experiment on kids with food allergies, and those who are non-verbal. This is shared based on a long personal experience of essentially being experimented on. It’s important to note that none of this is said to make anyone feel bad. Rather, many parents who don’t have food allergies have shared that they NEVER even considered this perspective before.

The reality is, allergic reactions can hurt, a LOT. For someone like myself, some of the worst reactions I’ve ever had are to items I test as mildly allergic to. What does that mean then? It means that if someone cannot provide fully informed consent, I don’t think it’s right to subject them to food experiments, even if a doctor says it’s OK…. or they’ll get over it.

Topics I’ll cover today include:

  • No two people are the same
  • Malicious intent
  • What is experimenting?
  • Rare cases
  • Master Food List
  • Things your child CANNOT tell you
  • Delayed reactions
  • Build up reactions
  • Non-traditional symptoms and/or non-anaphylaxis
  • What is fully informed consent
  • A story about friends we had that did this to their non-verbal young child
  • Questions to ask yourself

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