IG Story Replay: Allergy & Special Diet Question Box

Instagram Story Replay with The Allergy Chef

This replay contains the “famous grandparents speech” that was rather popular. Additionally, more awesome questions were answered this weekend:

  • Stuck in a menu rut. Any ideas? Advanced Recipe Search
  • Tips to make breakfast easier? Breakfast Mini eCourse
  • Allergy teen refuses to try new food. Is this normal?
  • Tips on finding safe foods to try? Safe Product Guides
  • Healthy top 8 free individually packed snacks for 18 month old?
  • Any tips for someone new to a corn allergy? Best Link
  • Struggling to find foods/recipes for a dairy allergy and an egg intolerance for a 4 year old. Advanced Recipe Search
  • Any resources for parents of allergy kids who are super anxious about the kid trying new foods? Trying New Foods Resources on RAISE
  • Thoughts on controlled allergen exposure for kids with allergies to maybe reduce the severity of allergy?
  • How to respond to grandparents who don’t take the allergies seriously?
  • Peanut oil. Yay or nay for those with ta peanut allergy? I hear different things.
  • Kitchen logistics. Different sponges? Pots and pans? Grocery bags? Mixed Allergy Household
  • What is a good substitute for corn tortillas? Street Tacos Recipe w/Tortillas

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