How To: Manage a Mixed Allergy Household

Managing a Mixed Allergy Household with The Allergy Chef

Today I’ll be sharing some practical tips with you on how to manage a mixed allergy household.

A mixed allergy household means that there are at least two different dietary needs in your home. For example, if everyone in your home is gluten free only, you are not a mixed household. If you have two people who are dairy allergic, one person who is egg allergic, and two people without allergies, you’re a mixed allergy household.

Each home will need to decide what type of measures to put in place to keep everyone safe and well-fed. If you have people in your home that can eat food made on shared equipment with their allergen, you may not need to go to the lengths that we have in our home.

After watching the video, assess your kitchen and make sure that everyone’s needs are being met.

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