Details: What Is A Hotseat Consultation?

FavoriteAre you ready to jump into the Hotseat? Great! Here’s how it works: Before the Hotseat Consultation, all Diamond Level Members will have an opportunity to enter their name into a random drawing. Two days before the Hotseat event, we will notify the winner, so they can come prepared, and to give The Allergy Chef a chance to review the situation. During the Hotseat Consultation, any Diamond Level Member can tune in live to watch/listen to the consultation. Think of it as a group learning experience. So What Exactly Is a Consultation? A consultation with The Allergy Chef is a time when you let her know what your food allergies, intolerances, or dietary needs are, and from there, she helps you put together a practical way forward. Depending on your needs, she may suggest different foods to try, recipes, resources, and more, all tailored specifically for YOU (or your family, or your child). Who Can Join The Consultation? All Diamond Level Members can enter, and watch/listen to the Hotseat Consultation events. Please be mindful of this if you choose to enter to be the one in the Hotseat, as your personal dietary needs will be shared with the group. Favorite...

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