Healing Home Foods Baked Bites Reviews

Home Healing Foods Baked Bites

Healing Home Foods may be yet another brand that I wish I could purchase locally. However, it’s not something I would purchase too often because of cost and how fast the kids can eat them. However, it would be a lovely treat. I’ll be sure to look online for them next time we stock up on safe snacks for Kid Two.

Healing Home Foods Baked Graham Bites Lemon Chia

Kid Two: This has an intense lemon smell. (takes bite) I like this. It’s not a cracker and it’s not a cookie. We may have started with the best one? This has lemon flavor in a good way, not a cleaning solution way.

Kid Three: Tastes like a lemon cookie to me.

Healing Home Foods Lemon Chia Bites

Healing Home Foods Baked Graham Bites Chocolate Chip

Kid Two: I don’t taste the nuts. It tastes like a dry cookie. It’s like eating a chocolate chip cookie. I like it, but I don’t love it.

Kid Three: Oh my goodness. Smells good! Kind of smells like chocolate syrup. I don’t know if I like it. You can’t really taste the chocolate. It’s kind of too nutty in flavor for me.

Healing Home Foods Chocolate Chip Bites

Healing Home Foods Baked Graham Bites Maple Cinnamon

Kid Two: Ohu this is interesting. Graham cracker! (I asked which is better, this or the other GF brand?) This is! I feel like a traitor… Could this be like Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Now lemon might be in third place… maybe second. These cinnamon crackers, in my head, it taste like a Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a cracker form rather than cereal form. It’s like what a cinnamon cracker roll should taste like.

Kid Three: (HUGE eyes) You have to smell this!! (I did, it’s amazing!) Wow, this is really good. It has the perfect amount of cinnamon to not burn your mouth but be very apparent. I personally wouldn’t eat too many of these, and I’d like to try it with milk. My favorites are the Maple Cinnamon, then lemon, then chocolate chip.

Healing Home Foods Maple Cinnamon Bites

Final Thoughts

I personally love the sprouted element of these products. The fact that Kid Three enjoyed them was a bonus too. I will be getting the maple cinnamon again in the future for the boys.


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