Gluten Free Pork Filled Baguette Recipe (Top 8 Free)

Gluten Free Pork Filled Baguette by The Allergy Chef

The kids LOVE stuffed baguettes. Since our first creation, there have been new breads entering the market for allergy friendly baguettes including: Against the Grain, Olivia, and One Dish Cuisine. You can also make homemade bread.

From The Cookbook Everyday Meals Volume Two

Allergy Status (Does NOT Include Bread of Choice)

Free From: Wheat/Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Tree Nut (including Coconut), Peanut, Fish, Shellfish, Top 8 Allergens, Sesame, Apple, Avocado, Banana, Beans & Lentils, Berries, Buckwheat, Cane/Refined Sugar, Carrot, Celery, Cinnamon, Citrus, Cooking Oil/Added Fats, Corn, Cruciferous, Latex Cross Reactive Foods (H/M), Legume, Lupin, Mushroom, Nightshade, Oat, Pea & Pea Protein, Potato (Nightshade Variety), Poultry, Rice, Squash & Gourd, Stone Fruits, Strawberry, Sweet Potato & Yam, Tapioca/Cassava/Yuca/Manioc, Tomato*, Yeast

Friendly To: Diabetic, EOE, FPIES, Low Histamine, Paleo

Compatible With: Mustard Free, Seed Free, AIP Paleo, Fructose Intolerance, GAPs, SCD

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