Expert Interview: Dr. Vivian Chen

Dr. Vivian Chen

Dr. Vivian Chen is an amazing resource in both the medical world and food allergy world. She’s a UK MD currently residing in California and is also a food allergy mom. The fusion of her career and home life created a unique take on food allergies and how she can help others. Dr. Vivian is a treasure trove of information on nutrition, wellness, gut health, food allergies, and more. She shares lots of helpful content on her Instagram page: You can also visit her website: for more information, and to schedule a consultation with her.

During today’s interview, Dr. Vivian and I covered a wide range of topics including:

  • Reducing Added Sugars
  • Outgrowing Food Allergies
  • OIT
  • Importance of Gut Health
  • Navigating Allergists

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