Allergy Seminar Replay: Keeping Your Child Safe

Keeping Kids Safe with The Allergy Chef

Is it ever truly possible to keep your child safe? What about children with food allergies and food intolerances… can we keep them safe 100% of the time? Sadly, we can’t, however, there’s hope! There are lots of little things you can do at home, with friends, and at school to help ensure your child’s safety. While mistakes can sometimes be made, even when they are, you’ll be ready. Topics for this Allergy Seminar include:

  • Researching Food Allergies
  • Finding Safe Food
  • Preventing Cross Contamination at Home
  • Managing Play-dates
  • Fostering Safety at School
  • Church & Extra Curricular Functions
  • Epi-Pens and Medical Safety

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Date: Sunday, July 7

Time: 4pm PST

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