Allergy Seminar: Playdates & Hang Outs

Playdates and Hang Outs Allergy Seminar

Join The Allergy Chef for a helpful Allergy Seminar on playdates for babies, toddlers, and kids. This seminar also covers teens who want to hang out with friends. Creating social exposures and experiences for your free-from kids is an important part of their social development. This seminar will help you see where you might need to take action. Topics include:

  • Hosting a playdate in your home
  • Going to a playdate at someone else’s home
  • Free-from foods for your playdates
  • Bringing/sharing food
  • Outdoor and food-free activities
  • Taking free-from kids to the park
  • Hand washing & gloves
  • Teaching kids how to advocate

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