Allergy Seminar Replay: Food Allergies & Special Diets on a Budget

Food Allergy Meal Prepping by The Allergy Chef

We’ve all heard the moans and groans of our gluten free and/or food allergy and/or special diet friends…the cost of a loaf of bread is insane! Honestly, all of our food costs are on the high side. Supply and demand plays a HUGE role in our food costs, as do cost of goods to manufactures, and several other factors. As many of you know, we operate a Bakery, so I can personally share with you: specialty food producers aren’t trying to price gouge you. In fact, for many of us, the profit margins are rather low. Many food allergy and special food companies have been formed because someone’s child needed safe food and the whole community benefited.

Yet, we also know that for some families, it can be really tough to manage a food allergy kitchen, especially if you have more than one child with food allergies. This Allergy Seminar is going to leave you with the knowledge of how to reduce food costs, and how to save a little time as well. Topics will include:

  • Shopping The Perimeter
  • Plant Based Money Saving Meals
  • Shopping in Bulk
  • The Right Tools For The Job
  • Coupons
  • Meal Prepping
  • Batch Cooking/Baking & Freezing
  • Know When It’s Worth The Extra Money

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Date: Sunday, February 17

Time: 4pm PST

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