Snackin’ Free Crackers, Wheat Free Thins, Dressing Product Reviews

Snackin' Free Crackers

Today we’re reviewing products from Snackin’ Free. They’re primary a Paleo minded company, but also take into consideration other special diets and food allergies.

A few important notes: Somehow, we didn’t get a photo of the dressing which is a shame. More on that later. Like the Cook’s Sourdough Bread Product Review, this too leaves me with mixed feelings. I love the team that runs Snackin’ Free. What they’ve done is SO special, and they have a restaurant too. If we lived closer, I’m sure we’d find an excuse to eat there often. Here we gooooo….

Snackin’ Free Greek (?) Dressing

I am so pleased to report that I had the tiniest of samples of this dressing and LOVED it. I have so much hope for this product and will either be testing it on myself, or reinventing it with personal safe ingredients. Just YES! Interestingly, the information on the website isn’t the same as the bottle we purchased in person, so I’m not sure what’s going on there (hence the question mark in the title). Should you want to try this for yourself, be sure to call or email them for the proper details.

Kid Two: This is interesting. It burns my throat a bit from the vinegar, but tastes really good if you eat it one drop at a time.

(It’s important to note that Kid Two and I both don’t like salad dressing as a general rule of thumb. This is a high compliment coming from both of us)

Kid Three: The mouth feel on this dressing is really gross to me. It tastes like weird butter juice. (You should know, he LOVES thousand island style dressing, so a vinaigrette is foreign to him).

Kid Four: All I taste is garlic. I don’t like it. (You should also know, she’s not a proper salad fan. She’ll eat lettuce stand alone, but doesn’t like a full on salad).

Snackin’ Free Saltine Cracker

Kid Two was unable to sample this product. I made the mistake of taking a tiny sample which was not good for me. I’m always protecting him from ingredients, and clearly need to do the same for myself.

Kid Three: It tastes like a legit cracker, but it does have a weird after taste. (For reference, he and Kid Four like the Late July brand when it comes to crackers. They can both eat wheat).

Kid Four: I don’t know if I like it, but I think it would be great with soup.

Snackin’ Free Wheat Free Thins

So, no one liked these… AT ALL. Like, mega gross for everyone who sampled it. It has a foundation, and the good news is, DON’T take our word for it. Our good friend Krysten from Krysten’s Kitchen bought these after sampling them and she loves them. The nice thing about her opinion is that she is gluten free, but can have the other ingredients in these crackers. We are like the opposite… too many points of reference, or people who can’t sample at all.

Snackin’ Free Raisin Bread

This also didn’t go over too well. I do think with some TLC (like the Cook’s Sourdough Bread) this could be a potential favorite around here. However, the deck was stacked against them. Of the three people who did sample, one detests dried fruit and fruit mixed with food such as raisin bread. Another had too many points of reference and doesn’t eat products like these to really know what they’re getting into.

My Final Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned before, I wish I could have shared positive reviews with you. I still encourage you all however to take a leap of faith and try one product if it’s safe for you. Snackin’ Free is always working on new things to serve the food allergy & special diet community, and I’ll always love them for that.


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