Silver Perks

Here are links to the Silver Perks. You can also access these pages via the Member’s Area link.

Non-Recipe Topics

These resources are categorized by topic, not resource type. You’ll find a mixture of items here.

Advanced Recipe Search

Get custom results! This is one of the most powerful tools on the internet for people with allergies and other dietary restrictions. Use more than 75 filters to view recipes that meet your needs all in one go.

All Recipes

Click here to view all of the recipes on RAISE. If you’d like to choose meal types and other various categories, visit this page for the recipe breakdown (or use the Advanced Recipe Search).

Allergy Inspiration

Here, The Allergy Chef shares videos and more aimed at inspiring you to create the impossible. For some, the restrictions in the kitchen can lead to a lack of creativity. These posts will will you with not only creativity, but hope and possibly joy.

Articles & Blog

The Allergy Chef shares valuable articles about all sorts of topics including hidden sources of allergens, product recommendations, fun recipes, ingredient profiles, and more.

Coupons & Discounts

Find coupons for allergy friendly brands.

Easy Cooking Videos

Some of you may be new to food allergies AND cooking. We’ve created Easy Cooking Videos to get you started in the kitchen.

Expert Interviews

We go out and find the experts that have information you’ll find beneficial. This includes doctors, advocates, and industry professionals.

Food Allergy Help 101

These are mini eCourses aimed at getting you started on a particular topic including Breakfast, Lunch, and Back to School.

Getting Started

If you’re new to RAISE, or new to dietary restrictions, these are articles that will point you in the right direction. Additionally, be sure to read through your welcome kit email. There are lots of details there that we don’t want you to miss.


Download amazing PDFs that will help you with a particular topic. Guides include the 4 Day Food Rotation Guide, Food Journal Guide, Budget Guide, and Meal Planning Guide.

How To Videos

Our How To Videos are created to help you get started with the basics. We know some of you are new to having a restricted diet AND new to cooking and baking. These videos will teach you some of the absolute basics that you’ll need to enjoy the recipes on the RAISE Platform.

Nutrition Articles

The Allergy Chef shares allergy friendly nutrition information. When removing a food group, you miss out on important vitamins and minerals. We help you find alternatives to meet your needs.

Printables & Shareables

The title says it all. Here you will find items you can print and/or share such as party invitations and emails to family about a new diagnosis.

Product Reviews

Purchasing free-from foods can be expensive… and we all know the disappointment of spending $8 only to hate the product. With that in mind, we purchase “random” free-from products and review them. While our word shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all in your decision making, you’ll get to read a fun review on products.


Here you’ll find replays from Monday Night Live and Instagram Stories (super informative). You’ll also find episodes of Chatting with The Allergy Chef, a video-format podcast.

Safe Products Lists

Our team currently maintains a Top 8 Free list and a Corn Free List. You’ll be able to see brands and products that may be safe for you and your family. Additionally you’ll find the Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Guide.

SMS Sign Ups

You can sign up for Allergy Inspiration via SMS where you receive a message every other week from The Allergy Chef. You can also sign up for SMS reminders for all of our live sessions. This is a great reminder to have, especially if you’d like to attend and ask questions live.