Pumpkin Pudding Recipe (Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free)

Pumpkin Pudding by The Allergy Chef

We absolutely love making pudding around here. There’s something so fun about it… maybe it’s a texture thing. Well, that and the fact that I loved pudding as a child. It’s something I’ve always wanted to make sure the kids never missed out on. When you have kids with food allergies and special diets, treats like pudding usually need to be homemade. What’s fun about homemade pudding: custom flavors and unexpected ingredients.

Today’s feature is the pumpkin pudding in the cup, however, I’m also going to share one of our chocolate pudding variations (we have about five now). This chocolate pudding variation is super thick, creamy, and chocolate perfection.

Allergy Status:

Wheat/Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Peanut Free, Yeast Free, Cane/Refined Sugar Free, Sesame Free, Legume Free, Nightshade Free, Oat Free, Paleo, Vegan, AIP Compatible

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