Kid Four Special Menu: Week 3

Kid Four Menu, Week 3

This week’s menu is gluten free, dairy free, sesame free, egg free, beef free, refined sugar free and more.

This week was not as consistent as the previous two weeks. First, I was exhausted. That’s the nature of my condition. There are days (and weeks) where I can do anything and everything. Then there are the days where I’m only awake and functional for about 8 hours in the day. Guilt wise, it helps that the kids are teenagers, and its summer.

However, this is exactly why you hear me say SO often how important it is to batch and freeze safe meals for your family. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re the main food provider in your home. If something were to happen to you suddenly, could your family survive (meal wise) for ten days?

The sad truth is, when communities pitch in to help families and bring food during difficult times, most allergy families wouldn’t be able to accept food from someone else’s kitchen. Friends, we have to be prepared more than the rest. It also helps if you have friends with similar restrictions. In our case, we don’t have that, so our freezer is always ready to go.

Also, I had an air fryer melt-down this week. You’ll see it in the video 🙂

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