Kid Four Special Menu: Week 5

Kid Four Menu, Week 5

And it’s the last week of this special feature. This week we’ve learned a lot. In a nutshell: we’re on the right track. Kid Four is becoming a lot more aware of how food impacts overall well-being and is taking more interest in her health. On a total side note, Kid Three has asked to do a juice week next week. Oh when will it ever end, all this special food prep?

Interestingly this week, when Kid Four ate out with the family and had a cheese burger, she reported that she could really FEEL the impact, and rather quickly. When we set out on this journey a month ago, I wanted to know if we could reduce monthly pains. I also wanted to see if a boost in nutrition could help as well.

We removed gluten and dairy (she still ate some when not at home which wasn’t a huge deal). She was already low in refined sugar, and I mindfully boosted nutrition with extra veg, herbs, and micro-greens. She already takes magnesium along with omega supplements, but she wasn’t on top of them this month. I didn’t push it, as I wanted to see what food alone could do for her.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. What I really want to show you is that with mindful planning, you can shift what you eat to make long lasting changes to your body.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Kid Four wants to stay gluten and dairy free, but this time stick to it 100% for a while. Then she wants to reintroduce one to see if it’s gluten or dairy that causes the pain (or both).

Me, I’ll keep teaching the kids about the importance of food and nutrition.

This week’s menu is: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Top 8 Allergy Free, and more.

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