Expert Interview: Laura Cooper, CDP

Laura Cooper, CDP

Join us as we talk in-depth about how to help children with restricted diets develop independence over time. In this extended interview, Laura and I will be looking at different aspects children and parents face. We’ll also be sharing advice tailored to different age groups, as well as early vs late diagnosis.

If you’re a parent of a child with a restricted diet, this interview is a must-listen. Topics Include:

Diagnosed At An Early Age

  • Early Age Tips
  • Kid Tips
  • Teen Tips
  • When To Let Kids Choose (and When to Step In)

Diagnosed At An Older Age

  • Additional Tips
  • Grief and Loss
  • Checklist System
  • Safety Card/Brand List
  • Safe Adults
  • Providing Safe Foods
  • Produce

Additional Topics

  • Bullying & Media
  • Kitchen Tips
  • What Does Independence Look Like?
  • Self Advocating
  • Role Playing as a Teaching Tool
  • Amplifying Your Child’s Natural Gifts/Tendencies

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